About Transpek-Silox

Silox S.A specializes in Mineral Chemistry and is an equally owned company of Prayon S.A and Cybelle S.A from Belgium. Silox is a leading manufacturer of High Performance ”Active” and other grades of Zinc Oxide. With manufacturing setups in Europe, North America and Asia, they are also a leading manufacturer of Sodium Hydrosulphite and Anti-Corrosion Pigments.


A quest for an unparalleled synergy, brought together two leading Inorganic Chemical producers from Europe & Asia during the year 2001.

These chemical majors, Silox S.A of Belgium and Transpek Industry Limited of India, have a strong standing in their respective business areas and geographical regions.

Prayon S.A has more than a century of Industrial experience and International recognition in Phosphate Chemicals. Owned equally by OCP, Morocco and SRIW, Belgium, it comprises of 20 companies located in more than 10 countries. Over 60 % of Phosphoric Acid Production worldwide uses Prayon Technology.

The partnership between Transpek & Silox was aimed at leveraging the "Spirit of Synergy" arising out of specialisation in Zinc and Sulphur based chemicals, similar value systems, identical orientation towards customer centric products, environment consciousness and human empowerment  across all spheres of activities.

The Joint Venture draws strength from the innate desire of the partners to consolidate their global presence by complimenting their individual strengths, and to attain their mutual vision of growth through dedicated service to all stake holders and the society as a whole.

Our Products


1.     Sodium Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate

2.     Zinc Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate

3.     Zinc Oxide

4.     Zinc Dust

5.     Zinc Borate

6.     Zinc Phosphate

7.     Zinc Carbonate

8.     Sulphur Dioxide

9.     Sodium Hydrosulphite

10.   New Products